About us

Cell Invent is here to find Alzheimer’s cures. Based on world-leading research at Lund University, we develop new human disease models using reprogrammed Alzheimer patient cells. We started in 2019, founded by researchers and the Lund University holding company, LU Holding AB.

Alzheimer’s disease causes great suffering for patients and relatives and is among the costliest diseases for society; in Sweden SEK 63 billion and globally $ 1 trillion.

Dementia, with Alzheimer’s being the most common form, is one of the biggest health problems according to World Health Organization (WHO). More than 47 million people are affected and a new case is detected every 3 seconds. By 2050, the number of dementia sufferers in the world is expected to have tripled. There is still no cure.

Our team has a long and excellent track record in longitudinal dementia research. We represent a unique combined expertise in preclinical and clinical Alzheimer’s disease.

Cell Invent offers a new way to find Alzheimer’s cures.

Our team

Håkan Toresson

Associate Professor

Lennart Minthon

Professor Emeritus

Oskar Hansson

Chief Physician

Camilla Orbjörn

Lab Technician

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