Management and Board of Directors

Management and Board of Directors

Håkan Toresson

CEO, Board member, Co-founder

Håkan Toresson is a cell biologist and an associate professor at Lund University. For 15 years Håkan has worked on neurobiological mechanisms related to learning and memory and Alzheimer’s disease. He has devoted the last five years to the human cellular disease models that form the basis for Cell Invent AB.

Lennart Minthon

Board member, Co-founder

Lennart Minthon is an emeritus clinical professor at Lund University. For more than 20 years he was the head of the Memory Clinic at Skåne University hospital where he established the world leading research group from which Cell Invent AB is founded.

Oskar Hansson

Scientific Advisor, Co-founder

Oskar Hansson is a professor and chief physician at the Memory Clinic at Skåne University hospital. Oskar is a key opinion leader in the Alzheimer field where his research is internationally highly ranked. He has received several prestigious awards and large grants in national and international competition.

Camilla Orbjörn

Laboratory Engineer, Co-founder

Camilla Orbjörn is a laboratory engineer at Lund University with more than 15 years of experience in research on Alzheimer’s diagnostics and disease mechanisms. For the past five years she has developed and quality assured the techniques that Cell Invent AB is working with.

Lars Hedbys

Board member

Lars Hedby has 30 years of experience from senior positions in the pharmaceutical industry. Lars is Partner in Ventac Partners, CEO of Pharmiva AB, Chairman of the Board of IAmPatient AB and Board member of RhoVac (publ) AB.

Christine Widstrand

Chairman of the Board

Christine Widstrand has 20 years of experience in start-up companies as both entrepreneur and board member. Christine is Vice President of LU Holding AB, part owner of Cell Invent AB and also sits on a number of other boards of start-up companies.


Board member

Niclas Nilsson has more than 15 years experience in pharmaceutical R&D including phenotypic drug discovery and progressing lead molecules. Niclas is also heading LEO Pharma's Open Innovation program with a focus on global collaborations and partnering